Window Fake



The eye's distance is thrown past imaginary limits in random pages of illusions, that's touchable to my virgin imagination.
The border finally burst before my indifference in a shattered display that imitates reality in its endless cycle of deception.
Between fruition delay, life the pretender opens visions
caught on a prudent vehicle of faith coming to appearance
at the strike of time's vertical actuality.
The future's code of silence remains unbroken but simulated
by manufactured mystical minds in a religious pattern of faux mysteries, shammed by a transparent light admitted by our forged hierarchy of strong beliefs much higher than the sky's ever-changing follies.
Fierce opposition finds its keeper in the tangible wake of measured sleep, mercilessly outnumbered in the careful frame of undisclosed truths, hidden from the perishable nature of mortal-kind.





Presenting:   CIRCLE OF SIMPLE, A journey of the soul’s mind .
             By: ORRIN NAHR PHIPPS 



The sound and rhythm of poetry is just about as old as speech and spoken language itself;it represents the emotional and communicational quest of the human spirit.
Circle of Simple is an example of my improvisational writing style, taking the spirit on a discovery journeybeyond the borders of the rational mechanics of literary poetics.
In this Church Of Poetry that CIRCLE OF SIMPLE represents and tries to embody, the goal is to take you on a journey that soley depends on the depts and the disposition of your soul's mind. 












De smaak van poëzie is een extatisch belevenis, en in “Circle of Simple” komt dit ervaring tot het leven met ieder zin, uitdrukking en paragraaf. Dit bundel is een mythisch vertelling, geweven met ongemeten dichterlijk compositie; bestemd voor het sussen van de onrustige zijde van de geest.
Een creatief plaats zonder grenzen, waar borders zich esthetisch verlenen aan doorschijnendheid, in een dappere poging om de verleidelijke hoogtes van inspiratie te ontplooien. Het verplaatsen van de geest naar een lichtere rijk, is geneigd tot het uitspannen van raadselachtig vreugde terwijl het onlichamelijk bestanddeel het voornaamste invloed ontpopt, gedreven door intuïtief vermogen die aanstormend aanleg ademt.



The taste of poetry is an experiential ecstasy, and in Circle of simple this experience comes alive in every sentence, every phrase and paragraph. This compendium is a mythicized account woven with unmetricized poetic composition; meant to soothe the unquiet side of the soul. A creative place without boundaries, where borders esthetically lend themselve to translucency, in a brave attempt to pursue the tempting heights of inspiration.
The spirit’s transposition into a lighter realm tends to unhorse enigmas of joy as the spiritual element reveals the principal animating force, driven by intuitive judgement that breathes a stirring talent of marvel.